NBA 2K17 Tips: New Shot Systems Loved By Fans, How To Use To your Advantage

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As expected, NBA 2K17 has new additions and overhauls to its gameplay system. Fans on Reddit are liking the new shot systems due to its reliance on skill and timing rather than luck and fixed chances. Here?s what we know so far about the new NBA 2K17 systems.

Skill-based shooting

According to SylvainLacoste?s thread on the NBA2k Reddit, the new NBA 2K17 shooting system favors in-game skill rather than chance to pull off good shots correctly. Players having characters with known shooting strengths can use that to their advantage in the match. Shooting animation also seems to be less of a factor towards being blocked in NBA 2K17.

Jump shot meta

According to Reddit User Kazaam281, the new shot systems often encourage jump shooting due to less punished by blocks. However, this opts for a new metagame that most players often prefer three point shots or far two point shots. This mindset also applies to Centers which in most video games are inclined to be stronger towards dunking due to their improved power stats in place of speed.

Aim to use smaller players

Due to these new shot systems, players should opt to prefer using three point characters more often if they?re planning to earn heavy score against the enemy team. However, they shouldn?t discount taller characters as they still need to play defense and rebound lost balls effectively. At best, just take note of your smaller players if they have good shooting stats. Otherwise, don?t bother as they may still miss good shots due to bad stat ratings.

In the game?s Season mode, this knowledge could make or break matches as any advantage is helpful toward climbing towards good ratings in the game?s season mode. Players can opt to stick to the meta to comfortable progress and stick with the game?s strong points. Relying on the new NBA 2K17 shot system is possible up until ?2K ?plans to nerf this system. For now, opt to unlearn your NBA 2K16 knowledge and don?t ?be afraid to use the new shot system to your advantage.

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