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NBA 2K17 Timed Locker Codes, Signature Animations, And More New Features Revealed

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NBA 2K17

2K?s community manager Ronnie Singh has revealed some new game features that are arriving in NBA 2K17, which will be released this year. At NBA 2KTV Session 2 Finale, Singh revealed that the game will see a fresh bunch of content and features including Timed Locker Codes, Signature Animation, a new face scan app, and more. The company said that it has listened to the fans? requests, and the upcoming game will include many features that fans have wanted to see.

NBA 2K17 will have locker codes again and this time, they will be time-based instead of user-based. During the 2KTV Season 2 Finale, Singh revealed that the developer has added lot of new signature animations to the game. The animations will be for almost all the big players in the game. According to Singh, the animations can be controlled by using the right stick on the game controller.

Using Xbox One and PS4 cameras for face scan was a problem in the old games from the franchise. This time, NBA 2K17 is introducing a face scan app for fans. The troublesome scanning method will now be replaced by the phone?s new application for better results. Although Singh has not shared a lot of details about the app, he was seen holding his phone and moving his head in the way users scan their face on console cameras.

According to the community manager, NBA 2K17 will also feature shoes made by Yeezys. It seems that the developer has listened to the community?s requests, and fans are also excited about these new features, which is evident in the comments section of the video released by publisher 2K.

Developed by Visual Concept, NBA 2K17 will be launched officially on September 20 this year for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC. The company has already announced preorder and preload details for the game.

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