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NBA 2K17: Teammates’ AI Is Still Broken

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It looks like NBA 2K17 still has problems. While no game is perfect, the problematic Help Defense AI system of teammates?has been around for quite sometime. This year’s Help Defense system is still burdensome as your teammates will leave from defending opponents who are inside the paint in order to unnecessarily help you defend a far-away foe. This is something fans of the NBA games have been dealing with for quite sometime. Here is hoping something is done about it this year.

Considering that the series has to be released yearly, it’s easy to see why some issues haven’t been fixed. However, it seems like this is a recurring flaw of the series, much like the hair in a WWE game. Will 2K Games fix it?

Yearly Problem

What really makes this problem annoying is that it’s been around for quite sometime. Some fans have stated that it’s been broken since NBA 2K14. How a three year old problem hasn’t been fixed yet is absurd. Perhaps 2K thought fans would focus more on multiplayer, but that’s no excuse.

Fans can see how bad the Help Defense is in this video by Chris Smoove. Apparently, NBA 2K17 has done nothing to improve the AI of the game. It’s pretty sad, since players want this to be as realistic as possible. Having non responsive teammates is not fun.

Yearly Fix?

Like most games in this generation, updates can help. Since the developers are planning some DLC, a free AI update would be appreciated. If 2K is aware of the problem, then they should be able to fix it. Then again, it’s been around for three or more years apparently. Perhaps hoping for a change would be fruitless at this point.

Still, if 2K Games wants to maintain a good reputation, they will consider fixing this problem. Sure, it’s hard managing the AI of a video game, but this is supposed to be an authentic NBA experience. Fans do deserve that, don’t they? Here is hoping that 2K Games listens to their pleas.

NBA 2K17 is out now. The game is available on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.?

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