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NBA 2K17 Stat Cap Upgraded: What Does It Mean?

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There are a few concepts in NBA 2K17 that could be?confusing to some. One of these features is the stat cap. While playing the practice mode in MyCareer, players will come across a notification which states that their?stat cap has been upgraded. Not all players know what this means, so what do stat cap upgrades actually do?

Filling Your Doin’ Work Meter

When not in a match, players can choose to go to?optional practice court training to fully fill their??Doin? Work? meter. Once it has been filled, it will give a prompt saying, ?you have increased your stat cap.? Players speculated that ?doin? work? increased the attribute limitations set by the archetypes. However, a few players have reported that ?doin? work? doesn?t actually do this, and there?s currently a bit of a confusion in the NBA 2K community.

What Stat Cap Upgrades Really Do

When creating a player for MyCareer in NBA 2K17, players will be given several archetypes to choose from. These archetypes not only determine the role and playstyle of a player; it also determines his overall stat build. Depending on which archetype the players choose, there will be a cap on the attributes.?The stat upgrade actually doesn’t increase the cap lock for these attributes.

To easily understand the concept, let?s take the playmaker archetype as an example. For example, the playmaker archetype allows for a total of 85 levels of upgrade. At the start of the game, you can only upgrade your attributes?75 times out of 85 levels. Filling your ?Doin? Work? meter will increase the stat once every time so you will eventually have access to all 85 levels for upgrading.

Basically, ?Doin? Work? in NBA 2K17 increases the number of upgrades a player can do to an attribute. However, the message doesn?t also give a player an attribute point to spend freely on any of the other stats.?

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