NBA 2K17: Should You Simulate MyCareer Games?

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NBA 2K17

Players in NBA 2K17 can actually ?simulate? MyCareer games to skip matches. This allows the player to take a breather and still progress through their career. However, it does have disadvantages as automated matches affect your records and even NPC events in the game. Should you simulate MyCareer games?

Career Simulation

Players have two choices if they want to simulate games in NBA 2K17. Players can let the CPU play their team and watch the game happen. Another option is skipping the whole match with a press of a button and deciding the match with random stats. Players can keep simulating games if they’re not in the mood to play the match. At best, simulating or ?simming? is possible if you just want to get to big matches in your MyPlayer’s?career.

Missed Opportunities

Though it?s a convenient feature, simulating NBA 2K17 games has disadvantages. Players will miss out on making progress for earning badges?as some must be fulfilled in a single season. These accolades are crucial in improving a character?s stats. You may run out of games to complete them this season if you keep skipping matches.

Additionally, your character may miss out on shoe deals if you keep simulating matches. Fans speculate that simming too many matches may hamper your chances in triggering the shoe deal events. If you?re worried about these disadvantages but are too tired to play, just simulate accordingly or take a rest first.

Simulation or No Simulation

The decision ultimately lies on the player?s hands in this one. If you?re a completionist or if you want to maximize your character?s stats, play every game you can. Players can familiarize themselves with the controls, enjoy the Orange Juice system, and stack badge progression if they keep playing matches.

If you?re just playing casually, remember to simulate accordingly. You?d still want to train your character to get better stats, so play games when you can?to earn more VC. It?ll be disappointing if you keep simulating games and then the computer just decides for your team to lose the match. Play games until you unlock events just to be sure. Once you?re satisfied, just keep on simming your unwanted games and play hard in the Finals and special NBA 2K17 MyCareer events.

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