NBA 2K17: Should Stephen Curry Be Given Special Treatment?

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Reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry?s exploits on the basketball court are familiar to many at this point. The Golden State Warriors? diminutive point guard has warped the notion of what an NBA offense should look like with his sleight-of-hand dribbling, quick release, and unlimited three-point range. During last year?s playoffs, fellow MVP Kobe Bryant summed up the Curry conundrum perfectly in a single tweet.

?When the shots u take r the shots the defense wants u to take but r the shots ur comfortable taking #curryriddle,? mused the Black Mamba.

Curry?s ability to hit shots that most coaches would deem terrible has become a problem not just on the real-life court but the virtual one as well. At present, most of Curry?s repertoire of long-range bombs, off-the-dribble pull-ups, and crazy crossovers are pretty difficult to pull off in games like NBA 2K16 and NBA Live.

Forbes Magazine recently published a piece detailing how Curry is proving to be a massive headache for sports game designers. Mike Wang, gameplay director of NBA 2K, told the magazine, ?Taking 3s off the dribble are also definitely discouraged in NBA 2K. Especially after over-dribbling beforehand.?

These sorts of balancing tweaks are necessary to keep the game in check and retain the simulation style of gameplay 2K prides itself on. But what happens when a player like Curry comes along? It?s like Bryant said, his shot selection may be bad by traditional standards but is completely within his capabilities as a player.

?So if you?re a basketball game developer, what do you do? You spend years developing a system that rewards good shot selections and punish players for taking ill-advised long range shots, but the real-life Steph is taking and making these supposedly terrible shots,? explains Forbes.

Gamers obviously want the video game version of Stephen Curry to play as close as possible to his real life counterpart, but doing so would mean overhauling the shooting and dribbling systems 2K has worked on for years.

How does 2K Sports fix this? Do they give Curry his own game code completely independent of other players? Do they rip out the shooting mechanics and rebuild from the ground up? Hopefully we get to see a more true-to-life Curry in NBA 2K17.

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