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NBA 2K17 Shot Meter Tips: How To Get Double Green Releases

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NBA 2K17 is out now. The basketball simulator has been anticipated for quite sometime, so its release should please fans. Like all basketball games, there are a variety of ways to shoot balls into the hoops and 2K has revamped shooting for this year’s iteration. Thankfully, one YouTube user has found a slightly easy way to do well with the NBA 2K17 shot meter.

Getting great shots in the game always makes NBA fans feel great. The sport is often an exhilarating one, and this year’s game won’t change that. In fact, it has made it better — better than last year’s game at least. Fans can expect this game to sell extremely well in the next few months.

Double Green Release

To get a green release, the player has to perfectly time their shots. Players can see that with the blue meter below the player. Thanks to YouTuber Daryus P, there is a video to help players. Those having trouble can watch the video below and learn how to get perfect boost shots.

It seems like players have to be near the court if they want to get an easy green shot as most ballers have low accuracy the nearer they get to the 3-point-line. That’s an interesting NBA 2K17 shot meter tip.?Players must release the shot exactly when the meter gets filled, and it’s easier to do this with a bigger shot meter.

While players are free to use the regular shooting button, those that want a high shot accuracy must use the shot stick. When a shot is made with the stick, two arrows come out from the meter under the player. Instead of just aiming for the hoop, players should tilt the stick where the white arrow is. This will make for better shots.

Training Is Just The Beginning

While the video makes it look easy, fans should keep in mind that it was done during training. If this was an online game or part of the career mode, it would be much harder. Players would have to contend with others trying to block his or her shot. So players may want to try practicing these techniques during exhibition matches.

Still, the tips do seem to be useful. The amount of green shots made cannot be denied. That doesn’t mean it will be easy doing these during competitive games. At least players get a good idea of how to do these shots.

NBA 2K17 is available now. Players can purchase the legendary edition of the game, as well as the regular one. The simulator is available on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. Enjoy the NBA 2K17 shot meter tip. ?

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