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NBA 2K17 Sharpshooter Pro Grand Badge: How To Unlock The Secret Badge

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NBA 2K17

Unlock the Sharpshooter Pro Grand Badge in NBA 2K17 to strengthen?your MyPlayer character in 2K Games? latest release. Players can obtain a total of 55 badges in the game, excluding secret badges. To earn this secret badge, players will need to use each of their badges several times. Here?s the complete method through which players can simply unlock the badges.

Only those with the sharpshooter archetype can?unlock the Sharpshooter Badge, but this can be acquired regardless of the position you choose.?You will need to keep shooting deep threes, corner threes and mid-range shots in order to unlock this badge. Those who unlocked deadeye badges can simply try multiple shots. Basically, players must use?the archetype-specific badge they have in order to unlock and activate the grand badge. ?

This can look very simple, but players must unlock all the necessary badges first. You know that you have activated the badge once you have a big red ring on your character. Players should note that the Sharpshooter Pro grand badge only works in the MyCareer mode.

In NBA 2K17, Sharpshooters?will need to unlock some?of the archetype-specific?badges such as Deep range Deadeye, limitless range mid-range deadeye and Corner Specialist. To earn the Sharpshooter Pro grand badge, players will need to use their combination multiple times. It may look very repetitive and time-consuming, but the rewards make it worth trying.

Including Sharpshooter, there are total six archetypes available in NBA 2K17 and each of them have their own exclusive Grand Badge. The badges will definitely help your character in becoming the best in the league. If you still haven’t unlocked the previous required badges, you can?try grinding them out on the Rookie difficulty and setting each quarter to 12-minutes.?

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