NBA 2K17 Roster Update: My Player, My Team Level Up Tricks

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NBA 2k17
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Recently, three cards were added to NBA 2K17 as part of the Roster update. Players still have some quick MyPlayer and MyTeam Level Up tricks to stay on top of their game despite the changes. Here’s what we know about the recent NBA 2K17 roster update.

Roster Update

As seen on the official NBA2K Twitter account, the game had a roster update where characters had their Overall stats buffed and nerfed. The new update affected all 30 NBA teams. Most famous players like Stephen Curry and DeMarcus Cousins lost 1 overall rating. Meanwhile, Washington Wizards’ John Wall received a +1 overall rating which makes him one of NBA 2K17’s best players with his 90 overall rating.  Players need to check this list if they plan to trade characters for their team in its Season mode.

MyTeam Rewards

According to 2KMTCentral, the March 4 roster update included three new cards. The new update brought George Hill, Tim Hardaway Jr., and Justin Anderson as NBA 2K17 MyTeam trading cards. However, Hill, Hardaway Jr., and Anderson don’t have stellar overall stats which may make them less popular picks even though they’re new additions. For now, we’ll have to wait for the next roster update to know which are the better characters to use.

Even though the new cards aren’t strong, it’s still fine to get them anyway. NBA 2K17 has rewards for each Collector Level which can get you Virtual Credits and strong cards. The top of these rewards is a 99 overall Kobe Bryant card. However, players will need to collect 2500 cards to get this reward. For now, make the best of this card system until you get good cards, and don’t hesitate to use them to gain more in the future.

MyPlayer Level Up Trick

In order to secure a strong character in the MyCareer modes, players will need to beef up their playable character to the best overall stats through training. In the MyPlayer mode, players will need the Gym area in the Practice Tutorial mode. If the Gym door is closed, players will need to play around the court and refuse any NPC training request they’ll receive. This will open the Gym door and allow the player to use this facility. Players will only need to train until they fill the “Doin’ Work” bar and fill every other bar through grinding. Though it’s extremely tedious and trivial, a maxed out character makes it easier as you’ll have somebody to rely on to keep your team ahead in matches.

NBA 2K18

Previously, NBA 2K18 was confirmed as one of the Nintendo Switch titles. Currently, fans are waiting for 2K to officially announce more information about the game. Potentially, 2K may be clearing out competitive events for NBA 2K17 first before announcing the new game. We’ll have to wait and see if there is any confirmed way to carry over NBA 2K17 progress to the next game. Stay updated with more NBA 2K17 news here on TheBitBag.

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