NBA 2K17 Review: The Good and Bad Features, Gameplay, Ratings

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NBA 2K17
NBA 2K17 Dream Team

The NBA regular season may not be back for a while yet but at least the basketball league teams will be making an appearance on the gaming consoles as the highly hyped NBA 2K17 is officially available now.

NBA 2K17 is back with a vengeance, and this year honors another fan-favorite and retired player, Kobe Bryant or the ?Black Mamba?. The hot stars of the league–Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, LeBron James and others are back. The ratings based on NBA league players in the game are one of most talked about concepts. The highest is Lebron James with 96 percent. Second is Stephen Curry with 94 percent. Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard and Russell Westbrook are tied in the third spot with 93 percent.

The Good

Without much surprise, the basketball simulation game offers the fantastic look that the game play trailers offered. The biggest upgrades obviously went to ?the look and feel? of the game.

NBA 2K17 is a greatly improved game mostly on the presentation/realism front. The graphics of the game are way better as the players look quite realistic. The face scan of the NBA stars is better than the NBA2K16.

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The game has also largely improved in presentation. 2K brings back not only the TV crew of Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O?Neal, Kenny Smith, Doris Burke and Kevin Harlan, but also adds Chris Webber, Steve Smith, Brent Barry, Greg Anthony, Clark Kellogg and David Aldridge to the mix. The 2K crew also went around recording the individual sound of all 29 NBA arenas.?This means you hear the iconic sounds and music played in each of the different basketball arenas.

The gameplay is also way better than the previous basketball game. The reality engine has improved the game on many levels. The opposition AI in 2K17 is smarter than ever, with teams making adjustments mid-game to cover matchup deficiencies and atone for previous errors. So you can?t use the same tricks again and again. The in game contact with opposition players is real too.

Kevin Durant NBA 2K17

Kevin Durant NBA 2K17

NBA2K17 also offers bonus features with the inclusion of the 1992 Olympic Dream Team and the USA Basketball 2016 team. We also get classic great teams like 96 Bulls, 72 Lakers, 21 EuroLeague teams, the Australian men?s national basketball team, and college ?all-time teams? that include the best players from that specific school.

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The Bad

The downside according to iTech Post is the MyCareer mode. Though the mode has been improved considerably, it still wastes too much of your time. You start your career in college years and as such the game occupies time in choosing the degrees, playing in college basketball league.

Another significant problem is getting drafted. In NBA2K17, it literally takes quite long to get drafted. You can?t just skip to the part where the commissioner says your name and you hug him like a tall stick bug. In 2K17, you have to sit there and watch as the names before you come off the board.

The Standard Edition NBA 2K17 is available in both physical and digital formats starting September 20 across PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC for $60.

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