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NBA 2K17 PS3 And Xbox 360: Only Updated Roster And Music For Last-Gen Versions?

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NBA 2K17?officially launches?today, so everyone who didn?t pre-order the game can finally get their hands on it. 2K Sports? next entry in the NBA game series is looking to become better than the previous titles. As usual, the new game launched for both past-gen and current-gen consoles. Many players are reporting that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version of the game doesn?t differ much from NBA 2K16.

Past Console Woes

YouTube channel boojangelstv recently shared a few negative points about the past gen version of NBA 2K17. The past gen?s version is a bit different from NBA 2K16, but it might not be worth paying a full price first.

When it comes to what?s new in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, players will readily notice the updated roster pool and soundtrack in the game. Aside from that and the upgraded modes, the changes seem to come at a halt. Everything else in the game is almost the same as the previous NBA 2K.

The game?s menu and mostly everything from a visual standpoint is identical. While a similar menu setup isn?t necessarily a bad thing, it?s a bit off to see how behind the past-gen version is from the current gen. On a positive note, the use of the old menu will allow players of NBA 2K16 to get used to the setup very quickly.

The similarities don?t stop there, however. When it comes to gameplay and how the game feels overall, NBA 2K17 on the past gen feels pretty similar to NBA 2K16. This means that 2K Sports might?ve not upgraded the new entry pretty much as compared to current-gen versions. Additionally, the game file on the PlayStation 3 for NBA 2K17 is only a measly 7.9 GB.

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