NBA 2K17 Playmakers Pack: Is The New MyTeam Pack Worth It?

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The 2K team is going to release the new NBA 2K17 Playmakers Pack on Tuesday. As a result, there are several speculations as to who are the athletes who will be included in the pack. Luckily, the team has dropped some major details about it on Twitter.

Let us start with the Sapphire Cards. It will feature big man Pau Gasol and two of the all-time greats – Nick Van Exel and Andre Miller. For Miller and Gasol, both of them will have a rating of 85. While Van Exel will be quite below them with only 84.

Moving on, let us go to the Ruby Cards. The 2K team revealed four cards included in this pack and all of them are already retired. Star guards Isiah Thomas and Fat Lever will lead the cards with both of them having an 89 rating. Mike Bibby will come next with 88 and Lenny Wilkens will be the last with 87.

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The upcoming NBA 2K17 Playmakers Pack will also have Amethyst cards. It includes superstar point guards Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, John Stockton and Bob Cousy. The first three athletes have a 92 rating while for Cousy, he is at 91. As you can see, most of these upcoming cards are all point guards. This somehow explains why the upcoming pack is titled ?Playmakers?. However, although these cards are already great, the best is yet to come.

Also included in the upcoming pack is one of the greatest one-guard that played in the NBA. It is none other than Oscar ?The Big O? Robertson. He is going to be a Diamond card that has a rating of 93. Not only that because Earvin ?Magic? Johnson will also be a Diamond card with a 94 rating.

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Obviously, all these cards are all worth it, especially the last two Diamond cards. They are the best guards that ever played the game so it is safe to say that gamers are certainly anticipating their arrival.

How about you? What do you think of the new NBA 2K17 Playmakers Pack that will arrive on Tuesday? Are you satisfied with this lineup? Or, are you hoping for something better? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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