NBA 2K17 Player Ratings Upgrade: Who Else Need Better Ranking Aside From Stephen Curry?

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Now, we will look at the NBA 2K17 player ratings upgrades that should be done. It goes without saying that player ratings should be based upon the player?s performance in the previous season. So, judging from the previous season and playoffs, who should get their ratings upgraded? We will get into that in this article. We will also share some predictions on how upcoming rookies will be and should be rated in NBA 2K17.

Stephen Curry is the most obvious player who needs his ratings upgraded. In the previous iteration of the game, NBA 2K16, Curry is rated 92. With his historic performance this past season, it would hard to argue against that a 92 is quite underwhelming. He was the MVP for the past two seasons and was the first player to get a unanimous season MVP vote in NBA history. What rating should he get? Would somewhere on or between 94 – 98 be fair? We?ll see.

Another player who needs an upgrade is LeBron James. In NBA 2K15, he was rated 98, a one point drop from the previous year. In NBA 2K16, he received a four point drop, rated at 94. His performance in the regular season and the historic Finals series comeback seems to earn him a boost in the higher half of the 90s. This should mean something.

These Rookies Need an Upgrade, too. Continued on next page.

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