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NBA 2K17 Player Ratings: Karl Anthony Towns, Ben Simmons, And More Revealed By 2K Sports [Update]

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NBA 2K17 Player Ratings

The list of NBA 2K17 player ratings is getting longer as 2K community manager Ronnie has constantly been revealing details on the game. NBA stars have been asking 2K Sports for their ratings, and the company has revealed the details for some players. Recently, the player ratings of Karl Anthony Towns, Ben Simmons, D’Angelo Russell, Denzel Valentine and Spencer Dinwiddie were revealed.

On his official Twitter account, Ronnie shared the NBA 2K17 player ratings and also asked players to share their reactions about it. In the upcoming game, Karl Anthony Towns is rated 88, while Ben Simmons? rating is 79. Many players were ecstatic about their ratings, while the others were not happy with what they got.

D? Angelo Russell has a 79 rating, and Ronnie asked fans what they think about the player?s ratings in NBA 2K17. Denzel Valentine received a 73 rating, while Spencer Dinwiddie got 69. The athlete doesn?t seem satisfied with his current rating and vows to achieve a higher rating in the future.

Karl Anthony Towns has made a huge leap forward this year. The man was rated 78 last year, but in NBA 2K17 player ratings, he made significant progress. Additionally, D?Angelo Russell managed to increase his rating by two points as he was rated 77 in NBA 2K16. Meanwhile, Spencer Dinwiddie?s player rating declined. Last year, the man was rated 70; he lost one point this year.

While the ratings of some players have already been revealed, the others are still waiting for the announcements of their NBA 2K17 ratings. 2K Sports has been sharing the details for the last couple of hours. According to Ronnie, more details will be available soon.

NBA 2K17 will be launched on September 20 with new features and gameplay improvements. For those who are waiting to see the player rating for their favorite star, stay tuned with TheBitBag for updates.


2K Sports has now announced the player ratings for Hassan Whiteside, Marcus Smart, and Brandon Wright.

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