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NBA 2K17 Park After Dark Part 2 With Future On December 30, Start Time And What You Should Know

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NBA 2K17 Park After Dark

NBA 2K17 players have a lot to be excited about before the year ends. The MyPark After Dark feature that launched last month was good, though it was severely buggy, and fans could be clamoring for more of it with none of the issues that hampered the experience.?Luckily, another iteration of the enhancement will come at the end of this month. Here?s everything we need to know about the second?NBA 2K17 Park After Dark event.

NBA 2K17 Park After Dark Part 2 Release Date

In a tweet by the official account of NBA 2K17, it announced the release date of the next After Dark event. The event will go live on December 30 (11 p.m. EST/8 p.m. PST). The special MyPark event will feature rapper Future at its helm.

What To Expect

Not much has been revealed about the upcoming NBA 2K17 Park After Dark event yet aside from the star it?ll feature and its release time. However, players are assuming that the part 2 of Park After Dark ?will be similar to the first iteration. Like the previous Park After Dark, the one going live on Dec. 30 will give players the chance to buy festive glow-in-the-dark-clothing exclusive to the event. The clothing pieces will be exclusive to the event, so it?s best to save up on VC to avoid the hassle in getting more when the date arrives.

2K Sports should?ve also learned from last month?s Park After Dark party, which was a blunder for a lot of players. When the event launched, there were server issues and lag that prevented players from enjoying the party. The huge amount of players joining in on MyPark caused the issue.

When NBA 2K17 Park After Dark part 2 arrives, we can expect 2K Sports to have better servers. We expect to see a host of players in the party as well.

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