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NBA 2K17 Park After Dark: Better Servers And Double Rep Weekend Teased By 2K

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The first NBA 2K17 Park After Dark was a big disaster, to say the least. Fans of the sport were looking forward to the event but faced various online issues that prevented them from joining. Oddly enough, 2K Games touted the event as a success, and the company will be doing another one on December 30.

Park After Dark 2

According to this tweet from Ronnie 2K, the second NBA 2K17 Park After Dark event will have improved servers. While fans won?t know until the event happens, the news is encouraging. If anything, it shows that 2K Games were aware of the flaws and are looking to make up for them.

Of course, fans will have to play the event to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

Connection issues are nothing too new to gamers, but it still sucks to see these type of problems happen. What made it really bad was the anticipation basketball fans had for it, so not being able to partake in it hurt a lot. Here is hoping that those fans who missed out on it will get to play in it on December 30.

Double Rep Weekend

Fans that aren?t too excited about NBA 2K17 Park After Dark have the Double Rep Weekend to look forward to. As the name suggests, the event will let players double their reputation while playing the game, which should be fun. It?s a nice treat for fans that continue to play the game and should please those that don?t care for Park After Dark.

Both community managers of the game has teased a Double Rep Weekend, so it’s highly possible it’ll really happen. The first Park After Dark event also coincided with a Double Rep weekend, so that’s worth taking note of.

Even those that have an interest in Park After Dark should participate in the Double Rep Weekend. After all, few things in the game are more satisfying than getting a slam dunk and showing off how high your rep is. Players are likely excited for the event and are practicing their online gaming skills as we speak.

NBA 2K17 is available now on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. The game has been a smash hit with fans, despite a few flaws that prevent it from being perfect. Still, it?s a fun title for fans of basketball.

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