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NBA 2K17 Orange Juice: Dual Player Controls For Justice Young Duo And How To Activate

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The NBA 2K17 Orange Juice partnership is one of the more interesting aspects of this game. While previous games in the series helped turn players into stars, they didn’t help form relationships with teammates. That changes this year, as the game introduces a character named Justice Young, whom the player can form a bond with.

Interestingly enough, Young is voiced and scanned after Michael B. Jordan. Jordan is notable for being the lead in Creed. He also appeared in Chronicle and Fantastic Four. His character will be able to bond with the player, leading to the Orange Juice dual player controls. All you need to do is play well with Justice, which the game doesn’t explain very well.

Orange Juice-tice

Players have to rack up several?assists with Justice.?This will increase the NBA 2K17 Orange Juice meter and eventually fill it. Once full, players will be able to switch between the two during most games. It’s an interesting dynamic and adds some decent story to what seemed to be a straight up basketball simulator.

Players should take note that they need to get assists with Justice in each game. The perk ends after a few minutes or when a quarter ends, but players can activate it again by scoring more than 3 assists with Justice.

Players will be able to give Justice commands via the directional buttons in the D-Pad. When the player is using Justice, they can give the created star directions as well. Having these options in MyCareer is great since it allows players to have more coordinated basketball games. It’s definitely one of the best aspects of MyCareer.

The Right Direction

Interestingly enough, the D-Pad controls change when the player has and doesn’t have the ball. This way, players can coordinate the game in the best way possible. Justice and the player can be commanded to shoot, steal, defend and various other actions. Most will agree that it gives these games some strategic elements.

As long as players remember to assist Young various times in a game, the NBA 2K17 Orange Juice meter should increase. Fans will want to keep doing these so that the player can eventually get this option. Most will agree that it’s one of the best features of this year’s game.

NBA 2K17 is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

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