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NBA 2K17 Now Rewards Their Players for Having A Healthy Lifestyle

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NBA 2K17

Apparently, Fitbit is trying to step up its appeal to NBA 2K17 players by adding in-game rewards to anyone using their wearable. As the fitness company announced, they now have an integration to the game, which rewards the players with a small MyPlayer boost.

However, there?s a catch. Players must meet Fitbit?s 10,000 steps a day before being eligible for the reward. But, players should also keep in mind that the in-game attribute boost is just temporary.

To be specific, the boost will only last up to five games a day. That being said, if a player used up all his bonuses, he might be required to do another 10,000 steps to acquire another boost. Furthermore, players will receive a prompt to add +5 attribute boost to their MyPlayer in categories such as layups, dunks, agility and more.

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NBA 2K17 Loves Technology

NBA 2K17

All things considered, 2K Sports is once again, at the forefront of technological advancement when it comes to gaming. Other non-gamers often associate gamers with an inactive lifestyle.

In this case, 2K sports is blending the game with real life to advertise a healthy lifestyle. In the previous NBA games, 2K introduced the ?Face Scan?. As a result, the players felt more connected to their MyPlayer characters.

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More Fitbit Integrated Games Aside From NBA 2K17?

Thanks to Fitbit, NBA 2K17 players might have more reasons to go out and exercise. The partnership between 2K Sports and Fitbit is the first integration between a video game and a wearable tracker.

Hopefully, this trend would attract other gaming companies. At the present time, Fitbit is partnered with Fortune 500 companies. In addition, the company has experience working with insurers such as Premera Blue Cross and Anthem.

While the exact procedure hasn?t been made clear, the feature is scheduled to kickoff next week. Hopefully, there will be directions in the game itself. For more NBA 2K17 news and updates, stay tuned to TheBitBag.

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