NBA 2K17: New Gameplay Reveals This Week At Gamescom 2016

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NBA 2k17

NBA 2K17 is showing off some new stuff at Gamescom this week. 2K Sports? annual basketball sim is a little over a month away from release, so we?re hoping that some exciting features get shown off.

NBA 2K17 Is At Gamescom 2016

The official NBA 2K Twitter account announced that new screenshots of the game will be shown off every day at Gamescom at exactly 12 noon. We already got our picture for day 1, which shows the Chicago Bulls star guard Jimmy Butler getting ready to shoot a free throw. In the background, you can see a blurred out image of the team?s big free agent acquisition: Dwyane Wade.

Fans on Reddit note that last year?s Gamescom was the venue where 2K Sports shared a lot of footage of NBA 2K16?s new MyCareer story mode. Hopefully, this year?s conference has some similar announcements.

So far, there hasn?t been that many big reveals regarding NBA 2K17 aside from the usual assortment of incremental improvements and additions. The most exciting announcement so far is the fact that My Player fans can now make use of their smartphones to input their likenesses into the game.

We also know that the famous US Dream Team that dominated the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 will be present, with a fully rendered Michael Jordan available for use. The current US team vying for gold in Rio de Janeiro right now will also be in the game, complete with Coach K himself: Mike Krzyzewski.

This year?s in-game soundtrack will be curated by rock band Imagine Dragons and is already available for listening on Spotify.

If you?re already set on picking up NBA 2K17 when it drops this September 20, you can choose from one of two versions: The Standard Edition that features Indiana Pacers Forward Paul George on the cover, or the special Legends Edition fronted by Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

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