NBA 2K17 MyPark: All New Features Detailed By 2K Sports

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NBA 2K17 released yesterday, but 2K Sports is still busy revealing new features. Earlier today, the developer finally unveiled the full list of additions coming to the MyPark multiplayer mode in this year?s installment. We?ve already covered some of these changes in previous articles, but it?s still nice to get a detailed rundown right from the devs themselves. Here?s what you can expect when you visit the NBA 2K17 MyPark this year.

According to 2K17 producer Shane Coffin?s official blog, this year?s MyPark will have a heavy emphasis on online events and social activities. In total, there will be five different competitions you can join in NBA MyPark mode. Here are some of the highlights.

Mountain Dew 3X Tournament

The Mountain Dew tourney is a ?Winners Win? style 3 vs. 3 showdown. Once you sign up for a tournament, you?ll be given entry tokens that you must use to wager on Dew Points. The more Dew points you have, the higher your standing on the leaderboards. Once your entry tokens are depleted, you?re out of the tournament.

Those who finish in the Top 10 will be treated to special boosts, clothing, and accessories. All participants are also guaranteed two Jumbo Park Cards.

Ante-Up System

The Ante-Up System is also being included in the event calendar, so be on the lookout if you?re looking to line your pockets. There will also be a progressive jackpot that could net you millions, says Coffin.

Mystery Event

Coffin also teased another, yet-to-be revealed event that he says will be unveiled in the coming weeks. We don?t have any idea what it could be, so feel free to share your predictions with us.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for NBA 2K17 MyPark. For more news and updates, keep it right here on The BitBag.

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