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NBA 2K17 MyPark: Double Rep Weekend Now Live! Second Park After Dark Event To Start Soon

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2K Sports wants people to play virtual basketball inside their homes during the holidays as they have officially announced that their NBA 2K17 MyPark Double Rep Weekend has just gone live. The official Twitter account of the game says the double rep event will last until the 26th, though it?s likely just a mistake on their part.

NBA 2K17 MyPark Double Rep Weekend

The last Double Rep Weekend happened during Thanksgiving and it also coincided with the first Park After Dark event, which featured Snoop Dog as the DJ. The second Park After Dark starts later, December 30 at 8PM PST, and Future will play some beats during this event.

Based on this information, we can assume that the Double Rep Weekend will also be available for a total of four days. If you?re out on a vacation during these days, you can still probably get a few hours worth of game time from the Double Rep Weekend due to the length of the event. More so if the event really lasts until the 26th.

Make sure you take advantage of the Double Rep Weekend so you can level up your reputation and get access to new content for your MyPlayer. Increasing your Rep levels also grants some VC rewards, and getting the Legend ranking actually nets you a whopping 500,000 VC reward.

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Park After Dark

The second Park After Dark event will also start this Friday. This is a great time to enjoy some good music while shooting some hoops. There’s also some exclusive items you can only purchase during this event, so that’s a plus for those who want to customize their?characters.

Despite the excitement this event should be garnering from fans, most from the gaming community consider the first Park After Dark as a mess. Bugs, terrible lag, and other issues reportedly plagued the event. However,?the community manager of the game promised to improve the game’s servers for the NBA 2K17 MyPark event. Here’s hoping they can deliver on their promise.

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