NBA 2K17 MyPark: How To Access Secret Parks

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NBA 2K17 MyPark

The NBA 2K17 MyPark could get repetitive due to the same map on its regular settings. However, the ?Secret Parks? or the other playable parks could be accessible through the other MyPark game modes. Here?s what we know so far about the other parks.

Secret Parks

According to SplashBrosHD?s video, players can find the Secret Parks by playing the other game modes in MyPark. The official Facebook post about NBA 2K17 MyPark lists Rival Day, Ante-Up, and House Rules to have unique venues. Players should opt to visit these game modes if they want to have a change of scenery in MyPark.

Weekly Rotations

SplashBrosHDs said that the maps?rotate weekly. Make sure to take notice of this week?s special mode maps to see if they?ll change in the coming weeks. SplashBrosHD notes that both new and previous MyPark maps from older NBA entries can be found in these rotations. If you like to see old maps, new additions, or just a plain change of scenery, just play the other game modes of NBA 2K17 MyPark.

Older Maps

If older parks are confirmed, parks from older entries such as 2K15 and 2K16 may appear again in this year’s game. SplashBrosHD?s video showed a map that looks like an Aircraft Carrier filled with courts. ?This map was in NBA 2K15 and is a known map for the Old Town Flyers team. Perhaps the other NBA 2K17 MyPark teams have their own home courts.

Not So Secret

The NBA 2K17 MyPark ?secret maps? aren?t as hidden if you regularly played the other MyPark game modes. However, it?ll be better to only play the modes that you?re comfortable with and not just constantly switch modes. At best, you can carry over universal skills and tricks from each mode to improve your overall gameplay. However, it may mess up your head and cause you to lose focus if you juggle the other modes too much. Remember to focus on getting good?on one mode at time. Try the mode out to have a feel of the new maps and then go back and focus on your preferred mode.

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