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NBA 2K17 MyCareer: How To Stay On The Same Team With Justice Young

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Ask any NBA 2K17 fan about Justice Young and they will have mixed views about him. Some will enjoy his company and the Orange Juice meter that comes with proper teamwork. Others will start getting annoyed at how cutscenes hint that he might be traded. Either way, the character portrayed by Michael B. Jordan has received a mixed reaction.

This has made fans wonder what would happen if the player decides to be traded to a different team. As most fans of the sport know, getting drafted is inevitable. This makes the team loyalty that fans have a bit confusing, but that’s a different subject altogether. The real question is if Justice Young can join you and get traded to the same team.

I Want Justice

According to some Reddit fans, it is possible to be traded with Justice in tow. Players merely have to ask about being traded while also suggesting if Justice can come with them. However, this is where things start to get a bit tricky in NBA 2K17.

The thing is, Justice may or may not go with you. While players can make sure their bond is strong via the Orange Juice meter, that might not be enough. Apparently, the suggestion has been enough for some players to get Justice traded with them. On the other hand, it’s not a 100 percent guarantee, making trades a bit risky.


Other Reddit users have chimed in about Justice Young. Apparently, there are some cutscenes where Justice can be traded without you. It’s another part of the game that ups the drama a bit, as the two characters grow together. The user stated that Young decided not to get traded, but the same might not happen to other players.

Basically, players can do whatever they can in NBA 2K17 to stay in the same team with Justice in My Career. Even when being traded, Justice can be suggested, so it’s not the end of Orange Juice. What’s interesting is?that Justice and your MyPlayer can become rivals on becoming the MVP for the year.

NBA 2K17 is available now on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

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