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NBA 2K17 MyCareer Practice Boosts: Fixes Coming For Permanent Freethrow And Stamina Rating

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NBA 2K17 MyCareer

It?s been barely a week, but NBA 2K17 MyCareer is already plagued with some issues. Though 2K Games has confirmed that a patch is on the way to address the problems, players are worried about what will happen if the developer resets things to keep the gameplay fair.

2K Games community manager Chris Manning confirmed that the company will be releasing an update to fix the problems with the freethrow and stamina rating. After the game arrived, players discovered they couldn’t permanently increase their stamina and freethrow?rating. While doing certain actions in the practice court would pop-up a +1 to either of the two skills, they actually don’t get credited in the player’s stats.?

Manning assured fans that the company is listening to their feedback, and they will be providing solutions for them. ?Many players reported that they see the free throw point for a few seconds, but it disappears automatically. Players are annoyed of how 2K implemented the feature as they cannot upgrade both skills with VC, and they can’t even upgrade it via practicing. Some have ranted that they already have a nearly perfect MyPlayer who has a terrible stamina and freethrow rating.?


The company has not shared a tentative date for the patch. They have also failed to share whether they have already started working on the fix or if they have just noticed the problems. As the status of the development remains unclear, there are chances that the company might wait before bringing a major NBA 2K17 MyCareer update to address more problems.

According to Manning, there?s so much happening at the studio behind the scenes, and the company is actively looking at all the suggestions coming from players. For the latest news on NBA 2K17, make sure to check TheBitBag.?

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