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NBA 2K17 MyCareer: All Practice Actions For VC

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NBA 2K17 MyCareer

There are a ton of ways to collect VC or Virtual Credits in NBA 2K17. One mode that can bag players a lot of VC is through MyCareer. By doing specific moves, players can earn a few VC through practice mode. There?s a lot of actions that reward players with VC in NBA 2K17 MyCareer, but one player has discovered what these are.

Redditor HappyTimeHollis shared with the gaming community a list of the actions required to earn VC in NBA 2K17 MyCareer. VC is acquired through practice mode, so it?s easy extra credits for players to bag.

  • Make 5 shots in a row
  • Make 10 shots in a row
  • Make 10 shots in 30 seconds
  • Make 20 shots in 60 seconds
  • Make 5 layups
  • Make 5 dunks
  • Make 50 shots
  • Make 100 shots
  • Score on each basket within 10 seconds
  • Run a lap around the gym
  • Make 5 shots in each basket
  • Dunk in each basket
  • Make a 3 pointer on each basket
  • Make a 3 pointer from each corner on one side of court
  • Make a shot from behind the backboard (just be standing somewhere behind the baseline)
  • Do 10 dribble moves
  • Do 25 dribble moves
  • Perform a dribble move into a made shot
  • Make three threes in a row

Bugged Credits?

According to a few players, these actions don?t actually reward the player with VC. Upon exiting practice mode, players won?t have the bonus VC added to their account. However, this could be just a glitch in the current version of NBA 2K17. Once 2KSports sorts out the issue, it?s guaranteed that doing the actions above will bag players a few VC.

While these methods may be useless for now, there are still a few other alternatives to getting more VC in NBA 2K17 MyCareer. Keep checking The BitBag for?more tips about 2K’s latest basketball game.

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