NBA 2K17 MyCareer: Should You Leave Justice Young?

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In NBA 2K17 MyCareer mode, players will universally be joined by Justice Young, another unique character who?ll be their unofficial ?partner? throughout their career. More than just being a friendly NPC, Young is actually crucial in NBA 2K17?s ?Orange Juice? system. Since they?re tied to a system in MyCareer, fans are wondering what will happen if the player or Justice gets drafted to?a different team. Should you leave Young in MyCareer?

Justice Young

Justice Young is not just any regular NPC as he?ll take cues and certain basketball plays with the Orange Juice system active. In the story, Young is presented as yet another Rookie trying to become NBA?s best and is drafted in the same team as you. Young appears regardless of which team you get drafted in, so don?t worry if you don?t see him anywhere at first.

Orange Juice No More?

At best, Young allows single player play to have a little more control with another character who?s willing to follow your requests. At times, the player will be able to directly play as Young to position himself and execute a game plan. Potentially, Young may allow two players to be played in MyCareer and have a two-player experience in the season. However, this system may potentially break if ever your MyCareer assigns Young and you on different teams in mid-season. Since you?re on different teams, the Orange Juice system may not work anymore.

Justice Young dies?

On jacksonwashere1999?s thread in the NBA2K Reddit, fans say that Young may die in a car crash if you ever get drafted on different teams. Easily, Young?s death eliminates any chance of the Orange Juice system working again at any point of the season. However, fans may just be throwing jabs at the protagonist?s partner in the NBA2K16?s ?Livin da Dream? mode. The player?s basketball buddy Vic van Lier dies in a car crash in NBA 2K16. Fans assume that this may also happen to Young if the player gets drafted on a different team. The only way to find out if it?s true is to try leaving your team and Young behind. However, at best, it might be wise to not leave Young behind to keep the NBA 2K17 MyCareer Orange Juice feature up. If possible, only change teams if you know that they?ll also take Young with you.

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