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NBA 2K17 MyCareer Badges Guide: How To Get All Badges And Hall Of Fame

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Those with early access to NBA 2K17 are probably a few hours in on 2K Sports? latest entry into a basketball title. The new entry has a lot of features to boost its new visuals. The game still retains a few of the beloved features from the past though. One of these is MyCareer. Players can do a lot of things in MyCareer, including collecting a few badges. Here?s an?NBA 2K17 MyCareer Badges guide courtesy of Reddit user sushiondeck.

Collecting Badges

  • ????????Expressive Badge ? Celebrate whenever the game prompts to. You?re not required to watch it through the entire celebration. All that?s needed is to start it.
  • ????????Dimer ? Do 300 assists in a span of 20 to 25 games.
  • ????????Lob City Passer ? Do 50 alley oop assists in the entire duration of a season.
  • ????????Lob City Finisher ? Be on the receiving end of 15 alley oop assists. To do so, get near the basket and then double press triangle/Y to call for a teammate to lob the ball.
  • ????????Pick And Roll Maestro ? Call for a pick to score a basket. It?s recommended to use alley oops for getting the score so that the Dimer and Lob City Passer badges get included as well.
  • ????????One Man Fast Break ? Score on a fast break 75 times in one season.
  • ????????Flashy Passer ? Complete 50 flashy passes in a season. The receiving players don?t need to score for the flashy pass to register, so players can spam the appropriate button to get the badge easily.
  • ????????Ankle Breaker ? Do 200 ISO Crossovers.
  • ????????Tireless Scorer ? Score a basket while the stamina bar is depleted.
  • ????????Difficult Shots ? Score a basket from a forced and contested pull ups. Basically, rush into the basket when there are a few defending players inside.

Hall Of Fame Badges

These are upgraded versions of the Gold Badges in NBA 2K17. Doing the required feat for a badge several times allows the player to upgrade their badge until it reaches Hall of Fame level. Lucky players who pre-ordered the game can get the badges now.

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