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NBA 2K17 Moments Cards: Stats For Lebron James, Chris Paul And Paul George MyTeam Cards

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The latest NBA 2K17 moments cards have just been released! Today?s installment features a trio of the NBA?s biggest stars — LeBron James, Chris Paul and Paul George. Let?s take a look at how these special cards vary from their regular counterparts.

NBA 2K17 Moment Cards For December 11

King James got a 92-rated Amethyst card to celebrate becoming the first player in NBA history to amass 27,000 points, 7,000 rebounds and 7,000 assists. The Amethyst Lebron card is rated 7 points higher than the regular version. It has 6 badges as opposed to the regular?s 1 badge. In terms of stats, the biggest increases are in the contested 3-pt. shooting (74 vs. 42), the Shot Close (91 vs. 63), and the Passing Vision (92 vs. 70).

Los Angeles Clippers floor general Chris Paul received an 88-rated Ruby card for his eye-popping 20 point, 20 assist, 0 turnover game from last weekend. The Ruby version features improved standing (89 vs. 80) and driving (88 vs. 81) layups. Passing accuracy (96 vs. 88) also got a boost.

Finally, we have Paul George. The Indiana Pacers star small forward got bumped to an 86-rated Sapphire card after last weekend?s 37-point outburst against Portland. The moments version features boosted off dribble midrange shooting (82 vs. 65), open 3-point shot shooting (88 vs. 79),?and contested 3-point shot shooting (84 vs. 58) among other stats.

As always, remember to tweet at these players to get in touch with Ronnie2K. The NBA 2K community manager has been handing out free locker codes to any player that hits him up. It never hurts to try so get on social media and start pestering these NBA superstars for a chance to get their moments cards for free.

Look for these new cards to start popping up in packs right now. For the latest news on Myteam,?NBA 2K17 moments cards, and other gaming related news, keep it right here on the BitBag.

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