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NBA 2K17 Locker Codes: Unlimited VC Possible?

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NBA 2K17 Locker Codes

NBA 2K17 continues to dazzle basketball fans as the best hoops simulation game ever since its release a couple of days ago. The game has introduced several exciting new features that hoops junkies surely enjoy. One of the things that NBA 2K fans are waiting for though is the NBA 2K17 locker codes.

While the NBA 2K17 locker codes may be used by players to unlock premium items, it can also give them virtual currency or VC too. The VC can then be used to purchase upgrades and items in the game.

At the moment, NBA 2K17 locker codes have not been released yet. Many fans of the game are waiting for news on this in order to have the chance to get free virtual currency. Thankfully, the locker codes are not the only way to do this though as some keen NBA 2K17 players have already found a trick that will allow gamers to get unlimited VC.

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This comes from a video posted by YouTube user Moneyboss that introduced a trick to get players virtual currency as a reward. According to the video, exploiting the glitch is very easy. The first thing that you would need to do is to start an online match at Tier 14. Once the players are done choosing their team, the game will start.

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Much like any other online game in NBA 2K17 it will start with a tip off. In order to use the trick though, you need to let your opponent win the tip. After your opponent takes possession of the ball, you must commit a foul right away. After the referee blows his whistle to call the foul, you must then quit the game, which will then give you virtual currency as a reward.

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The trick is very simple yet it can be tough to time properly if you are new to it. Still, you can repeat this trick twice before having to restart the game, so that means a ton of opportunity to earn VC. Nobody knows just how long this trick will be available though so be sure to give it a shot while you still can.

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Be sure to check back here soon to find out more NBA 2K17 cheats and tricks as well as updates on the NBA 2K17 locker codes.

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