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NBA 2K17 Locker Codes: When and Where To Expect Fresh Codes

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NBA 2K17 Locker Codes Download

NBA 2K17 is out, and as expected, the hunt for NBA 2K17 Locker Codes is on. Right now, no codes have been released, save for the ones that shipped with Walmart’s Ruffle chips as well as?the Legend and Legend Gold editions of the game. A couple of days ago, some players were sharing a code for the Jumpman T-Shirt pre-order gift, but recent feedback says that the offer is already gone. The season is young, so you can expect that some will pop up sooner or later.

If you want to be informed, the best place to check out is the official NBA 2K subreddit. There are a lot of sites that claim to have to the scoop, but these are ? more often than not ? fakes or scams. Remember that most NBA 2K17 locker codes are timed, so you?ll have to constantly check if you don?t want to miss out. Here are our best ?guesstimates? as to when some codes might be launched.

October 25 ? NBA Season Tip-Off

The NBA season kicks off about a month from now as the revamped New York Knicks square off against Lebron James and the rest of the reigning champion Cleveland Cavaliers. It?s highly likely that 2K Sports will share a code to celebrate the occasion, so be vigilant on that day.

February 17-19 ? All Star Weekend

The NBA?s mid-season showcase should also be another ripe period for NBA 2K17 locker codes. Keep an eye out during this time.

If these dates don?t help, another good source is the Twitter account: @NBALockerCode2K. The site does some giveaways every and now and then, so it could be worth following. According to them, 2K Sports will be holding more frequent locker code releases this year.

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