NBA 2K17: How To Increase Justice Young’s Rating

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NBA 2K17?s Orange Juice System includes Justice Young that doubles as your in-game partner and off-court best bud in the MyCareer mode. However, fans may not know that they can improve?Justice Young?s rating for general gameplay advantage. Here?s what we know so far about Justice Young and the Orange Juice system.

Justice Young?s Character

In the beginning of your MyCareer playthrough, Justice Young will always be in the first team you get drafted in. Both the player and Justice Young are Rookies but are looking to have a name for themselves. Young promises to help the player to become the game?s best and they both eventually create the ?Orange Juice? bond with them. Technically, NBA 2K17 allows the players to have another character to rely on in MyCareer matches especially if they didn?t land on a team with strong players.


Player characters will have bad stats when they?re just beginning MyCareer. Players will have to earn and spend Virtual Currency if they want to improve their character?s attributes. Meanwhile, Justice Young grows consistently with his stats.?Just play matches as well as you can and Justice Young will see a natural increase in his overall rating.?


More than just having good matches, NBA 2K17 has prepared some drama between the player and Young to tackle in the game. Players will experience basketball player drama with Young as they go through press conferences and other life events. Some players have also reported that accessing cutscenes will further improve Justice Young’s overall rating.

You should opt to keep playing and improving your character with Justice Young around. If you?re really interested in buffing up Justice Young, just play more games. This way, you can trigger his growth more and more so that he becomes a more effective teammate. Once you have better stats, both of you can really dominate the whole MyCareer season. Technically, NBA 2K17?s MyCareer and Orange Juice system allow you to somehow fulfill your dream of becoming one of basketball?s bests with a strong partner.

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