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NBA 2K17: How To Increase Free Throw Rating For MyPlayer

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It?s very important to increase most of the ratings in MyPlayer to create a true superstar in NBA 2K17. It?s fairly easy to increase some of the stats in the game, but the others, not so much. Those with early access to the game are starting to uncover how to easily increase your attributes, and it includes the pesky Free Throw rating.

One of the changes in the MyPlayer mode for NBA 2K17 is the Free Throw rating can no longer be increased with Virtual Currency. It?s quite a waste since one of the pre-order bonuses is a handful of VC.

Redditor certax recently shared a helpful method in increasing the Free Throw rating for MyPlayer. According to the redditor, all players need to do is get into a session of team practice. Basically, players need to skip team drills and head straight for free throw golf.

The redditor continues, ?Do the free throw golf and you should eventually be upgrading your free throw with +1s here and there. Now the only thing that could ruin this method is if the boosts aren’t permanent. However, the 2K team has informed that the practice +1 boosts should be permanent but my +1 Stamina etc has not been sticking.?

It?s a risky method as some players have reported to getting their Free Throw ratings reset to default several times already. The players also said that each session of Free Throw Golf rewards only add a few points to the rating. Apparently, it would take a long time to increase the rating to the highest level possible.

VC Upgrading Now Available?

One player on the Reddit thread reports that the next patch will finally allow players of NBA 2K17 to increase the Free Throw rating by using VC. However, each point will cost a whopping 10,000 VC, so it?s still a pretty tough feat to increase the rating.

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