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NBA 2K17: Hall of Fame and Badges Guide, What You Should Know

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NBA 2K17

Currently, NBA 2K17 fans are busy unlocking badges and its hall of fame versions right now. However, fans do not know how to successfully farm these awards easily. Here?s what we know so far on how to get your badges fast in the new NBA video game entry.

Trial and Error

According to brianluong?s thread on the NBA2k Reddit, the general process is repetitive, simple, and potentially needs grinding to attain. Keep playing until you get a Bronze badge. After that, upgrade your bronze badge to its gold version with Virtual Currency. ?Players will have to get ready to do anything in the court to trigger the bronze badge and have enough virtual currency to upgrade them.

Rinse and Repeat

Once you?ve got the gold version, the road to NBA 2k!7 Hall of Fame badges will be grindy and repetitive. Reddit User brianluong says that most Hall of Fame challenge will be at least four times of the bronze badge unlock. Prepare to force these moves out if you want to unlock them as soon as possible.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Alternatively, you can just opt to play the game normally and let the progress stack. This lax tactic may progress slowly but it does remove the stress of doing repetitive things in NBA 2K17. Take it slow and just play the game.

However, be prepared to grind your best if you want the best badges out there. NBA 2K17 badges improve a character?s stats so players may really want to get their hands on this badges as soon as possible. Hall of Fame Badges grant your character with maximum bonus stats and describes your character as among the best of NBA history.

For now, the choice is yours if you want to grind it out or just keep playing the game. If you?re just playing casually, don?t mind these badges as they may ruin the game experience for you. Otherwise, prepare to spend hours in NBA 2K17 to maximize your character?s stats for the sake of your season experience and other potential in-game items. Stay updated on more NBA 2K17 news here on TheBitBag.

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