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NBA 2K17 Guide: How to Scan Face Perfectly; Do?s and Don?ts

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NBA 2k17

NBA 2K17 that has released recently comes with an inbuilt facial recognition software for its Scan Face feature. As our readers can guess, the feature allows users to use their face on a player in the game.

Previously, players were required to make use of Xbox One Kinect or PlayStation camera to scan their face. However, players are not required to use these devices to scan face. Instead, players can download MyNBA2K17 mobile app built by 2K Sports. The app is also available on Google Play Store and iTunes app store.

NBA 2K17 Guide For Scan Face

Here is a guide on how to scan the face in NBA 2K17:

Players are required to create MyPlayer account and connect it NBA 2K17 and MyNBA2K17. The mobile app pairs with the game. In the main menu of the mobile app, one can navigate to ?Scan Your Face.?

NBA 2K17 Scan Face

The app will prompt the player to follow on-screen prompts for removing hat and glass, scan in area with enough lighting, and it will ask the player to take 13 photos tilting the head left to right in a 60-degree arc. One the face is kept straight, players can hit the Begin Scan to initiate the process.

NBA 2K17 Scan Face

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In order to prevent unsuccessful scans, players need to consider the following do?s and don?ts

Enough Lighting

Make sure there is sufficient lighting while scanning the face. Players can make use an overhead lamp or in bright sunlight for better results.

Using Rear Camera

Usually, the rear camera of a smartphone can take better photos than its selfie shooter at the front. Hence, the app suggests to make use of rear camera for scanning the face.

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Hold the Phone Properly

The ideal way to hold the smartphone for scanning the face in NBA 2K17 is to hold it at the eye level and about 18-degree away from the face.

Go Slow

When the app prompts the player to turn his face, it is advisable to go through the process slowly. One should look forward, keep the chin aligned and stay focused on the phone while turning.

Repeat for Better Scan

Players may not get it right in the first scan. Hence, one can go through the easy process of scanning the face several times until the best scan is shot.

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