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NBA 2K17 Guide: Reaching Overall Rating 99 Easily With Michael Jordan

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Apparently, there are tips and tricks to reach an overall rating of 99 in NBA 2K17. In other words, reaching an overall rating of 99 involves a process of vertical jumps and some shots. As an illustration, players are advised to practice jump shots within PFO.

NBA 2K17 Overall Rating 99?

PFO or Practice Facility Open is the place where other players meet each other. Meanwhile, the players who are also practicing can be invited to a 1V1 match. However, other players can freely decline the invitation.

Sooner or later, the players should go to other areas?after jump shots practice. After going somewhere else, they are advised to practice the vertical jumps. This will immediately boost their player rating.

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Additionally, a single gold attempt is only required to boost the ?Doin Work? meter. After practicing vertical jumps, players can return to the jump shot area. The screen will prompt a Progress To Next Upgrade bar upon leaving the area.

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At the present time, this process is said to be the fastest way to reach a 99 overall rating. Meanwhile, MyCareer is said to be more interesting than other game modes as a result of having Michael Jordan as a mentor.

nba 2k17

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NBA 2K17 Features and Functions

In addition to Jordan, MyCareer mode from NBA 2K17 has more freedom. Hence, it offers a lot of options for the players to go through. The MyCareer Mode includes the following:

  • Attending Events
  • Attending Meetings
  • Play for your favorite NBA team
  • Hanging out with your teammates
  • Solo practice
  • Team practice

However, issues about Virtual Currency has been reported. Apparently, it affected the people who preordered the game. Nevertheless, NBA 2K17 is one of the highly anticipated sports game of 2016.

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