NBA 2K17 Grand Badge: How To Unlock Secret Badges For All Archetypes

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Recently, fans discovered the NBA 2K17 Grand Badge. This is a badge that buffs players with a special meter that builds up to a temporary but game-changing buff. Here?s how to unlock the Grand Badges for all NBA 2K17 archetypes.

Grand Badges

According to sushiondeck?s thread on the NBA2K Reddit, an NBA 2K17 Grand Badge allows players to have a special meter that dispenses a temporary buff in MyCareer matches. Potentially, this allows your character to have an advantage due to a stat boost which is universally helpful for any player.

Take note that each?archetype has an exclusive Grand Badge.?One Grand Badge in particular, the Sharpshooter Pro Grand Badge, allows players to score from almost anywhere in the court.?

MyCareer players should opt to snag one of these to get an edge and be the best in the MyCareer league easily.

How to Get Grand Badges

Currently, fans have yet to discover the exact way to unlock?each?NBA 2K16 Grand Badge. However, they were able to confirm that gaining Hall of Fame badges are crucial to unlocking Grand Badges. Some fans state that players must complete all Hall of Fame badges for one NBA 2K17 archetype to unlock that archetype?s Grand Badge. Alternatively, some players say that you need at least one Hall of Fame badge and Gold badges in the same archetype to unlock its Grand Badge. At best, aim to get all the Hall of Fame badges for that archetype and see if you can unlock it.

Easy Peasy Grand Badges

According to AsPeHeat?s thread on the NBA 2K Reddit, players would still need to grind to unlock the Grand Badges. AsPeHeat said that he did 500 ?catch-and-shoot jumpshots? to get the Sharpshooter Grand Badge. Badge progress is still recorded even if you play in Rookie difficulty, so feel free to switch into it if you just want the badge. However, AsPeHeat didn?t go into detail about his badges, so fans may have to grind for theirs.

An NBA 2K17 grand badge paired with the Orange Juice system may make your character a difficult player to handle, even for top NBA superstars.?

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