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NBA 2K17: How To Get 1st Overall Draft Pick In MyCareer Mode

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NBA 2K17

Like in real life, players of NBA 2K17 aim to be the first pick when the NBA Draft happens in MyCareer. With a lot of slots in the NBA Draft, it?s not that easy to become the first choice among all the teams. So how can players stand out among the rest when the NBA Draft comes in MyCareer? Here are a few tips to do so.

College Games

Players don?t start MyCareer in the big leagues instantly. Upon beginning MyCareer mode, they?ll be in the collegiate division first. It may feel like a chore to go through the college games first before getting in on the big leagues. However, these games will make being the no.1 draft pick particularly easier.

NBA 2K17 players should first always aim on getting an A+ rating in these college games. This gives them a higher chance at being the no.1 draft pick in the NBA Draft. ?To get through these games with an A+ rating, players need to do the regular thing they do with other games: score baskets, get the ball and play defense. There?s an indicator for the current progress of the rating, so it?s a pretty easy job. The better a player does in the games, the higher the chance of him being picked first in the draft.

Even if the player doesn?t get drafted first, it?s pretty easy to just restart the entire process instead and do better in the games. Make sure to learn from your mistakes and focus on being a great member of your team to increase your rating.

On the offensive aspect, you can easily increase your rating by getting assists and setting up a screen for your teammate to shoot. For defense, just try to effectively guard your designated rival.?

Benefits Of Being No. 1 Pick?

There?s no actual benefit from being the no. 1 overall draft pick in NBA 2K17.?A few players would prefer to get picked by a team of their choice rather than being the no. 1 draft pick, so it?s just a matter of preference.

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