NBA 2K17 Gameplay: New Kobe Bryant Story Mode Adventure Teased By 2k Sports?

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Will Kobe Bryant get his own mode in NBA 2K17? The retired Los Angeles Lakers superstar is already gracing the cover of the game?s special Legends edition. However, a scene from the debut ?Friction? trailer indicates that his involvement could go beyond the cover.

Will we Get a Kobe Mode in NBA 2k17?

Right at beginning of the clip, a brief shot of Kobe?s #8 jersey is flashed on screen. Further into the trailer, a full glimpse of Kobe sporting his old afro hairdo is shown. Could this be a teaser to a full-fledged Kobe mode in NBA 2K17? Older iterations of Bryant have appeared in previous NBA 2K games as a part of several historic teams. However, given his recent retirement and prominent stature in this year?s game, it would make sense to honor Bryant with a tribute mode of sorts.

The last time 2K Sports attempted such a feature was back in 2K11 with ?The Jordan Challenge,? a special mode centered on iconic moments from Michael Jordan?s?career. Completing this gauntlet would unlock Jordan for use in the game?s career mode.

The thought of a similarly styled ?Mamba Moments? mode would definitely be a huge selling point for this year?s game. Imagine a challenge that has you trying to equal Kobe?s legendary 81-point explosion or the time he outscored the Dallas Mavericks by himself through three quarters.

Another cool idea to honor Kobe would be to incorporate him into this year?s story mode. Instead of last year?s main character, Frequency Vibrations,?you?d play as a young rookie with post-retirement Kobe acting as your fictional agent or coach.?

What do you think of a possible Kobe-themed mode? How would you want to see the Black Mamba honored in NBA 2K17? Let us know your suggestions in the comments below. Stay tuned for more gaming news here on TheBitbag.

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