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NBA 2K17 Free Throw And Stamina Rating: No Permanent Upgrade?

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NBA 2K17 brought a lot of new improvements for 2K Sports? basketball series. Fans have a lot to get their hands on in the latest entry, but the game doesn’t come without its woes and issues. One of the things currently bugging players is the progression system of MyPlayer.

One of the new things in the progression system of NBA 2K17 is not all attributes can be upgraded with VC. Players will instead be forced to just attend a practice whenever they want a specific attribute upgraded. Two attributes that are giving players a tough time are the Free Throw and Stamina, both very crucial attributes.

Stamina and Free Throw Woe

Free Throws can only be upgraded through scheduled practices. These kinds of practices only occur once every 10 to 15 games. Considering how high the cap is, it’s not a big help. What’s worse is there?s no guarantee in getting a point to Free Throw. Even if players do get the point, it often disappears after the practice has ended.

This is the same with the Stamina rating. Players are basically having a tough time as the game not only offers little time for upgrading these attributes. There might ?actually be a bug that’s causing any gained point to disappear as well.

That’s not all that’s worrying players though. YouTuber Chris Smoove details how crazy the capping system is for the game. With the new method implemented by 2K Sports, it’s nearly impossible to create a player that has stats identical to NBA stars like Stephen Curry.

Players are hoping that 2K Sports revamps the new system with an update. If that’s impossible, the next best thing they could do is?wait for the developers make the necessary changes in the next?NBA 2K title.

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