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NBA 2K17: First Gameplay Footage From Gamescom 2016 Leaked!

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NBA 2k17

Just like we predicted, the first gameplay footage of NBA 2K17 has emerged from Gamescom 2016. An anonymous event-goer at the conference was able to record some off-screen footage; showing the Cleveland Cavaliers squaring off against the new-look Golden State Warriors.

NBA 2K17 Footage Surfaces?At Gamescom 2016

A youtuber named?CashNastyGaming was able to gather some feedback of the footage from his subscribers. Here are some of the noticeable improvements over last year?s game.

Right off the bat, he says that player models have been overhauled and now sport a wider profile. Though only Cavaliers and Warriors players were shown in the NBA 2K17 gameplay footage, there we?re already some notable additions to player cosmetics. Cavs Forward Kevin Love had his face entirely redone, while his teammate Iman Shumpert now sports an updated version of his signature flattop hairstyle. The usual assortment of new player animations and moves was also on display.

On Reddit, some fans noticed that the Warriors big free agent splash Kevin Durant was really taking his Slim Reaper nickname to heart this year.

?Years ago when KD was incredibly skinny they had him too big, now he’s gained a little weight they get him looking like Manute Bol. That body is more Brandon Ingram than Kevin Durant.? Said one user.

The shot meter has also gotten a big facelift. In 2k17, players should release their shots once the meter has been filled entirely, as opposed to at the half-way mark in 2k16. The game?s control scheme and pace are nearly identical to last year?s as well.

Presentation-wise, there is a whole new selection of camera cuts and highlight reels in between plays. The scoreboard and in-game UI have also gotten touch ups and are less ?disruptive? now says the feedback.

We expect more detailed footage to arrive as Gamescom 2016 continues, so stay tuned. For the latest NBA 2k17 news and updates keep it right here on the BitBag.


Some cleaner gameplay videos have been posted online. You can view them below.

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