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NBA 2K17 Flashy Passer Badge: How To Get The Hall Of Fame Badge

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There are quite a few badges to collect in NBA 2K17. There are a few particularly easy badges, but there are a few ones that require a bit more effort than the others. One of the badges in the game is the Flashy Passer badge. It?s basically the easiest badge to get, but the Hall of Fame version is of course quite a bit of a chore. Here?s our NBA 2K17 badge guide for getting the Hall of Fame Flashy Passer.

How To Get Flashy Passer

As we?ve said before, Flashy Passer is probably the easiest NBA 2K17 badge there is. All players need to do is double tap the circle button for the PlayStation 4 or double tap B for the Xbox One. Doing so prompts the current player to perform a flashy pass. To get the badge, players will need to perform 50 flashy passes in one season. The receiving player doesn?t even need to score a basket for the pass to register.

To get the Hall of Fame Flashy Passer badge, players will need to perform an extra 50 passes. All in all, players will need to do 100 flashy passes in one season. It?s an easy task, but getting it done early on will leave room for other badges to be acquired later.

Hall Of Fame Flashy Passer

According to YouTuber AtomicMoon, players can get at least 54 flashy passes in one game. This is if players will do a minimum of five passes with 10 possessions. Within two games, players can get the Hall of Fame badge pretty easily.

It?s best to set the game clock at 12 minutes for maximum time in getting the flashy passes. Also, it?s better to adjust the difficulty settings to rookie for an easier playthrough.

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