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NBA 2K17 News, Release Date Update: New Face-Scanning Feature With Mobile-App Confirmed?

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It?s that time of the year again for another release of the biggest sports game in history, the NBA 2k17! The game is due to release next month along with one of the most awaited feature of the game, the Face Scan.

The game enables the players to have their own basketball career, as they start from being a rookie to being a legend. The Career Mode can be very entertaining, given that you can create your own character.

2K Sports also stated that the game is starred by Karl-Anthony Towns of Minnesota Timberwolves. He will be the cover athlete as the Rookie of The Year for the game

2K Sports, the developer of NBA series, stated that their upcoming game, NBA 2K17 will have an overhauled Face-Scanning App technology. There are also some added features for the MyNBA2k17 App.

It seems like 2K Sports has mastered the face-scanning feature of the game, and it is slated to release on September 8. It will enable the players to scan their own faces in order to use it as an in-game face for their own characters.

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It is free and will be available for iOS and Android devices. It is different from the prequel NBA game, where players are required to use their PlayStation Camera or Xbox Kinect. This favors most of the players, as it will be easier for them to transfer their own face into their virtual selves.

Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Camera?s sales are falling very fast, as it is being more irrelevant to the current gen gaming consoles.

Here are some other new features:

  • To be able to use the Auction House in order to buy and sell in-game items and cards.

  • Players will be able to earn an in-game virtual currency, daily.

  • To visit the shop to buy console items even when on-the-go using the expanded MyPLAYER Store.

  • Players can now watch 2KTV anywhere and anytime using their mobile phones.

  • The ability to choose and win mini-games using the live NBA game statistics.

NBA 2K17 is due to release on September 20th of 2016 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3

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