NBA 2K17 Dynamic Duo Update: Newly Added Pairs This December

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NBA 2K17 Dynamic Duo

NBA 2K17 launched with a few features that gave players a chance to play more than just basketball in the sport title. One of the neat game modes in NBA 2K17 is MyTeam. In the game mode, players can create their own lineup of?NBA superstars. If players plan enough, they can get bonuses from Dynamic Duos. It?s been awhile since 2K Sports updated us on the NBA 2K17 Dynamic Duo list. Who are the new pairs in MyTeam?

2K Sports continues to expand the NBA 2K17 Dynamic Duo list as new Moments Cards have been added since the NBA Season started. There are a few new Dynamic Duos in the game and it?s worth noting that some of the new pairs are really powerful.

Lebron James/Dwayne Wade

Earlier this December, the?NBA 2K17 MyTeam Twitter account revealed that two of today?s top players will be making a Dynamic Duo. As of Dec. 3, Lebron James and Dwayne Wade became a really formidable Dynamic Duo.

Rick Barry/Ruby Curry

A new?unlikely pairs has formed between NBA legend Rick Barry and Golden State Warrior?s Stephen Curry. Fans might be wondering why the two have become a Dynamic Duo considering that the pair are generations apart. The Warriors PR team shared over at Twitter that Curry recently got his 900th career steal, joining the likes of Chris Mullin and of course, Rick Barry. Here’s a look at the two cards:

Paul Pierce/Antoine Walker

While not really a new NBA 2K17 Dynamic Duo, this pair is truly worth using on the courty. According to?Redditor zebearjew2, having Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker pair from the Boston Celtics is a great help in MyTeam mode. Walker boosts Pierce?s overall rating from 83 to 87, changing it from an Emerald to a Ruby card. Meanwhile, Pierce boosts Walker?s rating from 87 to 93, turning the card into an Amethyst.

Players are still trying to see if there are other new Dynamic Duos in the game.?We’ll get more dynamic duos as 2K Sports adds brand new Moments Cards in the game. In the meantime, make sure you grab the latest batch of locker codes before they expire.?

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