NBA 2K17 Difficult Shots Badge: Requirements And How To Get

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The NBA 2K17 Difficult Shots badge is awarded to players who repeatedly shoot dribble pull-ups or spin jump shots. It?s unlocked through repeatedly making shots through risky openings. Fortunately, the badge improves your character?s proficiency in making these shots. Here?s what we know so far about the Difficult Shot Badge.

Channel Your Inner Superstar

Players can unlock the NBA 2K17 Difficult Shot badge by repeatedly attempting to shoot through openings alone. To unlock this badge, players need a good sense of positioning and outsmart defenses to open up a free shot. All you need to do is create an opening by ankle breaking or bypassing a defender?s defense and making the shot yourself. At best, do pull-ups or spinning jump shots to make them count for the badge.Technically, you need to bring your inner NBA superstar with a little tinge of ball hoggery and extremely risky play, hence the difficult shot.

Badge Requirements

According to AkienGosu?s thread on the NBA 2K17 Reddit, the Hall of Fame tier of the NBA 2K17 Difficult Shots badge is earned at around 100 to 200 risky shots. At best, just dart through defense and make the shot for a ton of times. Once you?ve unlocked the Bronze tier, buy the Silver and Gold tiers through Virtual Currency and go for the Hall of Fame version. This badge will definitely make your character a definite threat as your difficult shots are dangerous due to its increased accuracy.

Best Difficult Shot Characters

According to Manman GrindHard?s video, it?s best that Shot Creator characters have this badge. Potentially, Shot Creators are there to clinch in a good point if they need to get a good shot in a tight defense or if they?re pressed for time. This class could potentially be the best for players aiming to challenge players into defending better due to his strong shooting accuracy. Enemy players must make impeccable defensive plays as any players?with the Difficult Shots badge may score even if it?s contested. Alternatively, this could be used on Sharpshooters or any other build that focuses on long-range shooting. Stay updated on more NBA 2K17 news here on TheBitBag.

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