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NBA 2K17 Defensive Stopper Badge: Requirements And How To Get

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NBA 2K17 has plenty of replayability. Not only does the game have a variety of multiplayer modes, but there are also badges that can be obtained. Granted, getting them isn’t easy, but the rewards for them are worth it. Having badges will make your MyPlayer character stronger, along with online bragging rights. The latter is why many will get these badges.

Thanks to Almighty 2K from YouTube, players will know how to get one badge easily. The badge in question is the Defensive Stopper badge. Fans of basketball know that this badge is for the patient, since it’s really easy to play offensively. Playing defensively requires strategy and patience, though the payoff seems to be worth it.


To get the Defensive Stopper badge in NBA 2K17, players will need to do some accolades. Before that, they should adjust the options and have the games at quarter length. If they want them easily, they should put the difficulty at Rookie.

Accolades are optional objectives that reward players with extra VC. NBA fans will have to do 150 of the Play Some D accolade and 25 of Not This Time. Play Some D requires players to get a good shot contest on an opponent’s shot, making it a bit tricky. Not This Time requires players to stop the opposing team’s fast break. It won’t be easy, as some of these badges really require effort.

The Easy Way

During any game in My Career, players should throw a random lob. If the player’s teammate gets it, that’s good. Now that it’s with a teammate, players should go back to their created character, ?and they will get points for a good transition defense.

If the opponent gets it from the random lob, it’s also a good thing. Players can then block the shot of his or her opponent. It would be best if the opponent is alone in the court so that he can be blocked easily. Doing enough of these should fill up the Play Some D and Not This Time accolades quickly.

NBA 2K17 is available now. The basketball simulator is available on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

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