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NBA 2K17 Cheats: Badges Guide

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NBA 2K17 Cheats

NBA 2K17 is certainly one of the best basketball simulation games over the past few years. The game has certainly evolved from just being a hoops simulation game to simulating every aspect of the sport, even after the player leaves the court. This has made the NBA 2K games more realistic and even more entertaining. One of the best NBA 2K17 cheats that you should learn if you want to excel in the game is know more about NBA 2K17 badges.

The NBA 2K17 badges can be collected by a player in the My Career options. There are a total of 55 badges that gamers can work to earn. The badges are categorized into Personality and Skill.

The Personality badges are badges that are earned from the behavior and personality of your player. Examples of Personality badges are Alpha Dog, Spark Plug, Enforcer, Championship DNA and Clutch Performer. These badges affect the gameplay of the player but there are also those badges that do not have any effect on how your player performs. Examples of these badges are Friendly, Legendary Work Ethic and Reserved.

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Skill badges are basically badges that are unlocked by how your player performs in games. It is broken down into different tiers, Gold, Silver and Bronze. They are likewise categorized further according to Outside Scoring, Inside Scoring, Playmaking, Rebounding, Athleticism and Defensive badges.

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So why exactly would you want to unlock the different NBA 2K17 badges? Well, they are a source of pride and honor for one thing. Having all 55 badges will surely be something that your friends and other NBA 2K17 players will envy.

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Another factor why NBA 2K17 gamers should try to unlock as many badges as they can is because it can sometimes unlock rewards once you earn certain badges. Surely that will be enough motivation for players to try and earn all of the badges in the game.

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