NBA 2K17: Best Builds For MyPlayer

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NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 features a game mode that allows players to climb up the ranks as a rookie NBA player and lead their team to victory. However, their character must be built right to be used on any team. Alternatively, players may just want to see an outrageously strong character playing in the game. Here?s a quick guide to know your character builds.

Character Types

As seen in SplashBrosHD?s video, players have a choice of these preset builds for efficient stat allocation and prevent poor character progress. SplashBrosHD has provided images in the video to see a good mix of character stats according to your preferred playstyle. Currently, it?s unknown if it?s possible to reach maximum stats in the game. It?ll be best to stick to maximum Overall stats first to progress easier in the game and focus on building maximum stats later if a perfect character is possible.

Offense Types

In NBA 2K17, offense builds include Sharpshooter, Shot Creator and Slasher. Sharpshooters are characters that are extremely good for three-point shots. Shot Creators are built to shoot two-point jump shots to capitalize on defense flaws on the enemy team. Meanwhile, the Slasher is a character that aims to dunk balls even if an enemy player contests the shot. If possible, aim for Shooting Guard or Small Forward positions for these builds.

Defense types

For Defense, we have Lockdown Defender and Playmaker types for the non-Center builds. Lockdown Defenders are extremely good at guarding enemies and contest shots, but they have bad shooting stats. Meanwhile, Playmakers are built to have good ball handling and carry the ball to any part of the court without any risk of being stolen. Playmakers are also good at breaking ankles which is definitely good for understanding NBA 2K17?s deeper systems. Both builds focus on supporting their team which is exceptionally handy if you manage to get in a team with strong players like LeBron James or Stephen Curry.

These builds are intended to work for Point Guard, Shooting Guard and Small Forward positions. Don?t expect them to work for any other role as they may have different starting stats or are just plain unequipped for certain situations. The key to getting up to 99 Overall stats is to further improve your character?s strengths in NBA 2K17

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