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NBA 2K17 Ankle Breaker Badge Guide: Guaranteed Way To Unlock The Badge

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NBA 2K17 Ankle Breaker Badge

Currently, NBA 2K17 players are on the hunt for the game?s badges. Besides being plain achievements, the badges can actually improve character stats in the game. The NBA 2K17 Ankle Breaker badge seems to be one of the most confusing to get. Here?s a guide on how to get the NBA 2K17 Ankle Breaker badge.

200 Double Score Move Assist

According to Manman Grindhard?s video, players will have to do 200 repetitions of ?Double Moves to Score Assists.? You can do this by using NBA 2K17?s advanced ball control and movement system to bypass your defenders, passing the ball, and making the shot. It?ll be best to just keep doing the move until you make 200 repetitions.

How to Ankle Break?

In DORAKINGOFFISH?s thread on the NBA 2K17 Reddit, LimitlessRange explains that a character?s playmaking stat makes it easier to do successful Ankle Breaks. Additionally, it?s recommended to use point guards to ankle break as most of their stats are leaned toward ball handling and speed. At times, enemy defenders will visibly stumble if you successfully ankle break them. However, you?re not required to make them stumble for them to be counted in your NBA 2K17 Ankle Breaker badge progress. Just drive through, pass and shoot, and that should cover it.

Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

Badge farming may force players to repetitively and forcibly use certain moves in matches. Remember to prioritize winning points first before you start styling out. ?Secure a score lead first and focus on your NBA 2K17 Ankle Breaker badge progress later.

After unlocking the bronze NBA 2K17 Ankle Breaker badge, players will have to upgrade it to silver and gold versions through Virtual Currency. The fight doesn?t stop here as players will still have to aim for the Hall of Fame version of the badge. Hall of Fame badges may seem arbitrary, but they do improve your character?s stats. Hall of Fame badges grant stats that are similar to NBA?s bests, so they?re worth a shot if you?re building for a perfect MyPlayer character.

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