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NBA 2K17 2KTV Episode 2: All Answers To Get Free VC And MyPlayer Shirt

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To get free VC in NBA 2K17, players can simply answer questions from 2KTV episodes. Here are the answers for 2KTV episode 2 to help you get the free virtual currency. As each episode brings you new questions, it also brings opportunities to earn more. If the questions from episode 1 are still popping out, find them here, and for the latest NBA 2K17 2KTV episode 2 answers, continue reading.

2KTV Episode 2 Answers

To answer the questions, players can simply head to the NBA 2KTV option from the in-game menu.?

Q.1 Which NBA team drafted Paul George in 2010?

  • Answer: Indiana Pacers

Q.2 What did you do first in NBA 2K17?

  • Answer: Player?s choice

Q.3 How did you distract an away free throw shooter by shaking the screen?

  • Answer: Tap the triggers

Q.4 What is the name of your trainer in MyCareer?

  • Answer: Xavier Cross

Q.5 Who is your favourite character in MyCareer?

  • Answer: Player?s Choice

Q.6 What is your favourite thing to customize for your MyPlayer?

  • Answer: Player?s Choice

Q.7 What is Paul George?s highest rating?

  • Answer: 3-point shooting

Q.8 What is the craziest part of MyPark?

  • Answer: Player?s Choice

Q.9 Who did Paul George sit next to on the flight to Rio this summer?

  • Answer: Klay Thompson

Q.10 Vote for your 2KTVWOW Top Play of the week!

  • Answer: Player?s Choice

This week, the NBA 2K17 2KTV Episode 2 has brought 10 questions, meaning there are more rewards than last week. There are some answers in which players are required to fill their own choice. Such questions also give you free VC, and you don?t need to know much about the sport. VCs aren’t the only rewards as answering the last question will net players a?2KTV 2K17 Ep.2 Exlusive Tee.

So the next time you start the game, make sure you keep these answers with you. Just go to NBA 2KTV and start answering the questions with the ones given above. Some questions provide 100 virtual currency, while some of the questions give you 50 VCs.

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