NBA 2K17 2KTV Episode 15: Questions & Answers

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The NBA 2K team has released a special Holiday episode of the NBA 2KTV. As usual, it still has the 2K Interactive to let gamers win free VC by answering a bunch of questions. So, check them out below and submit your answers to win amazing prices.

This special episode lasts for 31 minutes, which seems to be the longest installment of the series. It usually runs for only 17 minutes, but since it is a special episode, it goes for half an hour. Now, here are the questions in the 2K Interactive as well as their answers:

  • What year did Derrick Rose win the Skills Challenge? Answer: 2009
  • Which one of my (Linda Lind) original songs is playing during the MyCareer breakup scene? Answer: Reckless Behavior

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  • Gameplay director Mike Wang gave you some tips to get started in the NBA 2K17 but which mode did he say will help you the most when jumping into the new game? Answer: 2KU
  • Derrick Rose won the Skills Challenge in 2009 and which one of these 2KTV guests also won the Skills Challenge? Answer: Karl Anthony-Towns

  • What is Paul George?s role with NBA 2K this year? Answer: NBA 2K17?s Cover Athlete
  • In MyTeam, you can win cards ?by taking your lineup to the street in which mode? Answer: MyTeam Blacktop
  • Which hashtag can you use on social media to submit your top plays? Answer: 2KTVWOW

Regarding the second question, after the host asked it, you will see a video of what seems to be a Blacktop scene. But, when you actually watched the NBA 2KTV Holiday episode, you will see Mike Wang mentioning 2KU and ?watching 2KTV episodes is the best way to learn the game.

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Derrick Rose was also featured in the installment and his seventh signature shoes. Paul George was also a part of the episode showing host Rachel Demita some of his training routines. Lastly, the Holiday special presented the top plays on NBA 2K for the past week as well as the best moments of the NBA 2KTV season 3.

There you have it! All the questions and answers in the latest NBA 2KTV episode. The next installment is going to arrive on January 6 as announced by Demita. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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